my boys.

It's so refreshing embracing nights like these and just enjoying the boys in my life.
Legos, the pooch and love.
Sweet, sweet love.

I just love them to the moon and back.


teal door.

Recently I started following Sarah's blog and she's been quite the inspiration. She's a stay at home, expectant mom (just a handful of days left!) and has been doing random projects around the home. Plus, she has some outfit post I'm lusting over. So it's easy to say when I saw she painted her front door a gorgeous bright green, I knew I had to jump on that great accent!

The color I wanted was the teal that we have accented around the home; I figured being a deeper color I wouldn't need much paint. I took my chances and only purchased one of the sample containers from Home Depot. These come standard as an interior matte color for $2.94.


And let the project begin!

Two coats, a well watched house and an hour later we have a nice pop of color coordinating with some of my favorite accessories! You can see a little of those, here.


tick tock.

116 hours.
6,960 minutes.
417,600 seconds.....ish.

until we're married 2 years.
I'm emotional even thinking about it.

116 hours....
time goes quick.




I've recently fallen head over heels for these guys and their new CD released today.

P.S. did you see them rock on SNL?


Baked Kale.

Baked Kale

olive oil

Clean and cut your kale, pat dry. I buy mine at Trader Joe's all cleaned and ready to cook. Line a baking pan with foil, spread your kale across evenly. Spray a mist of olive oil across the kale leaves; make sure not to add too much cause they won't crisp up then. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and your cheese of choice. I prefer mozzarella. Bake at 350 degrees roughly 10-12 minutes or until golden on the edges. Be careful not to burn/overcook them. Sometimes I coat with Apple Cider Vinegar-- courtesy of Holly's suggestion-- for a tart taste also purchased at Trader Joe's.

Enjoy. A healthy, quick snack with the naughty feel of eating high calorie potato chips.


bows. bows. bows.

Blazer | H&M 
Top | H&M
Skinnies | Target 
Sunnies | Forever 21 
Shoes | Forever 21 
Watch | Walmart

Plain and simple. I loved the outfit I sported yesterday. Chic, feminine and minimal. Easy for a day at the office and versatile for volunteering with the youth at night. The blazer and bow top we purchases Tuesday so hurry and get them while they're hot! I've realized my go-to work outfit is similar to this all the time. A chiffon top, blazer and skinnies is what you'll most likely find me in. And a fabulous pair of heels but my feet were still recovering from their beating earlier this week.

What's your favorite work attire?


i like to look back.

Sometimes you need little reminders of how life is so sweet and how life is so precious and how life is so beautiful. I like to take moments during my day to remember what was sweet to me the day before. Yesterday, I wore heels that haven't been broken in quite yet. I ended my day with blistered feet and a lot of pain. I snatched up some cozy socks, soaked and lathered my tootsies and enjoyed the warmth and healing those socks left me with.

It's really the small things. And those little moments make life so much more enjoyable. Today my feet are sporting some basic gladiators and feel well rested after a night of cozy socks burrowed in blankets.



Let's do this.

Anyone who orders The Works design package from now until September 30th gets $15 off
That's a full custom blog design for $60.

Our second wedding anniversary is October 1 so I plan to take a couple weeks off to refresh before the holidays kick in and I figured, let's get some last few projects before I slip away. Contact me to get the process started and I'll do everything I can to have an insane turn around time.

Oh, and enjoy the last couple pictures from our family weekend. You can see the other post of pictures, here and here.


closing the vacation weekend.

This weekend was an ultimate success. I've enjoyed spending my weekend with my in laws and all the people that includes. Andrew is one of 4 and his family is large and I love it. I couldn't be blessed with a better family to have married into and I can say without a doubt, I love them dearly and see them as my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews and niece. 

Taking the last 2 days enjoying God's beautiful creation as a family unit is something I won't forget. Building structure as a family with Drake, seeing Kori start becoming her own, watching Alex and Jon be cute little brothers beating up on each other and witnessing my cousins embrace their own family unit warms every fiber of my being.

I'd say Kohls Ranch-- Payson, AZ was a winner.


kinch retreat

Such sweet moments enjoying our family.

 It's funny being here with the variety of people. Newly weds, a 30 year marriage, infants, toddlers, little men, youth and all the crazy adults. Spending these couple days is really bringing out the fun elements of family. What it truly means, ya know? Simple games of frisbee, fishing, cuddles and lots of kisses. Andrew and I are both getting our baby fix with sweet Kori and getting some great "family" time in with Drake. I think it's safe to say we might even have a winner for the Christmas cards already! 

Tonight we're roasting s'mores, eating the fish we caught and enjoying some more silly times with this big bunch of ours. It's bliss people. AND SO MUCH LOVE.

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